On loneliness

  • 1 out of 8 people feels permanently lonely.

  • Only 20% of the population says never to experience feelings of loneliness.

  • The young feel lonelier than elderly

  • heavy users of social media feel more isolated than others.


Studies show loneliness is growing in this world full of (digital) ways to connect.

The answer to this is, that the solution to combat loneliness lies not in providing more instruments to communicate; it is finding ways to connect people, boost communication skills and shape communities where no one is left behind.


Loneliness in Europe (LIEU) offers a platform for organizations, companies, policy makers and individuals to share best practices, to exchange policy ideas, to come up with new solutions and most of all the chance to work together to solve and prevent isolation and loneliness.


Loneliness in Europe calls upon the attention of European, national and local policymakers, of volunteers, charity organisations and committed enterprises to the implications of loneliness and to possible solutions. What is needed are best practices, more cooperation to set up safety nets, better education in connecting skills, more awareness in society. LIEU offers hands-on ideas to reduce loneliness.