Who we are

“Young or old, loneliness doesn’t discriminate.” (Jo Cox)

On Loneliness

Loneliness is rising in the EU. In a fast moving and changing world, with frequently more virtual than physical contact, with an ageing population and with complex demands on the competencies of 21-century workers and societal challenges about inclusion of groups with different (religious) origins, an increasing amount of people feel left behind. Social media seem to accentuate negative feelings. 

What we are: a platform showing initiatives and best practices

We represent an initiative, Loneliness in Europe, drawing the attention of European, national and local policymakers, of volunteers, charity organisations and committed enterprises to the implications of loneliness and to possible solutions.

Many initiatives have been launched by governments, charity or volunteering groups, covering a wide range of activities.

Loneliness in Europe aims to bring these initiatives, projects and organisations all aiming to combat loneliness together. It offers a platform to share best practices and an opportunity to link up.  It hopes to show policies and practices on all levels, local, regional or national to alleviate loneliness and to identify ways to empower people how to be connected.


Showcase your project / Find great examples

Do you represent an organization/initiative combatting loneliness? Or are you looking to set up an initiative. Please contact us. 

For existing organisations: maintaining a website takes a lot of work. You can present the organization and its activities and events on the LonelinessinEurope platform. The platform also provides the opportunity to look for volunteers,  sponsoring or sister organisations abroad. 

Contact us!

Everyone, organisations, researchers, policy makers, media are welcome to contact us. 

Email: info@lonelinessineurope.eu




Twitter: @LonelinessEU

Board of Loneliness in Europe (LIEU):

Judith Merkies

Helga Trüpel

Anja van Velzen

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